Bm (B Minor) Chord Guitar Finger Position

Bm (B Minor) chord guitar finger position easy - hai friends Galeri Info blog, in this post I want to talk about how to establish or finger placement Bm chord that is easy for you beginners who do not know the shape and placement of the fingers on the keys of this guitar. For those of you who are already proficient in playing the guitar, of course this information could be said to be stale and no benefit at all, but never mind - what was, because here I just wanted to share.

Okay, how to play b minor on guitar easy ? guitar chord Bm (B Minor) is usually used to accompany a song rhythmic sad. It's easy to form a chord, you simply press the strings number 1 in the second column using the index finger, third string in column 2 to use the middle finger, while the rest of the fingers to press the strings - strings that exist in column four. Instead of confusion, it is better you just see the picture Bm chord below.

Easy Bm (B Minor) Chord Guitar Finger Position

Explanation Image:
  • Figures 1 shows the index finger to press the strings of the rope in the second column
  • Figures 2 shows the middle finger strings are cemented rope two in the third column
  • Figure 3 shows the ring finger that presses the string rope three in the fourth column
  • While the figure 4 shows the little finger that presses the string rope halter same four in the fourth column

Well after you successfully establish the finger as shown above, then try to sound the guitar by way of strumming the strings or whisk. And that's the tone of the chord Bm you are looking for.

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